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Semi dedicated hosting packages

Having more supplemental provisions and sovereignty for your online blogs is invariably an excellent opportunity. The semi dedicated servers services furnished by Hosting Pro are fully equipped with everything more popular blogs would request for brisker content loading under severe Internet traffic conditions. Matched with virtual servers services, the semi-dedicated web server plans also supply unlimited domain name hosting possibilities, but distribute way more microprocessor and semi-dedicated web hosting server independence, because of the fewer semi-dedicated server web hosting account holders using the very same very dependable semi-dedicated server. Besides, you still receive the semi-dedicated hosting server industry’s leading CP - Hepsia. As a standard device, at no further fee. You will tremendously estimate the easy-to-work-with File Manager, the Domain Manager and the Email Manager, the One-click App Installer and the Web Site Creation Tool platforms.

Hosting Overview Furious Fast
Monthly Price
Web Content Space Unlimited Unlimited
Website Traffic Unlimited Unlimited
Max Server CPU Limit 200% 100%
MySQL Queries 130 000 / hour 90 000 / hour
MySQL 5 Databases Unlimited Unlimited
MySQL Space Unlimited Unlimited
Dedicated IP Address
Domains Hosted Unlimited Unlimited
Emails Unlimited Unlimited
FTPs Unlimited Unlimited
One-click App Installer
Web Site Creation Tool
Free Web Design Skins
Web Service Continuity